Salt River Bay Beach

Cruzan Sands Villa is located in one of the most exclusive residential areas on St Croix, on a sandy beach, just west of famous Columbus Landing. Our neighborhood is peaceful, quiet and calm. Yet, it is only minutes away from the active areas of the island. It is truly the best of all worlds!

Our ocean is active. St Croix is one of the few islands that is actually surrounded completely by the Caribbean Sea! The sand is a mixture of white sand and crushed coral, so its color varies from white to sandy. The water is clear, sparkling aqua, with tinges of emerald green! The shells that wash ashore each day vary, since the tides do come and go. We have a collector's delight on our beach! We sometimes have nothing but sand. We sometimes have shells and seaweed.

The wave action varies with the weather. We always have a pleasant topical breeze which originates in the East. So, we always have a few waves. Because we are situated behind a reef which breaks several hundred yards offshore in front of our home, the waves don't seem to get very big. Salt River Bay Beach is a favorite for the weekend crowd because our sea is not very rough.

Here, sun rises are spectacular, the view framed by the rising hills and cliffs of the community across the bay! Because we do have sporadic rain showers, the native landscape is lush and tropical. We have enhanced our property with dozens of flowering plants and flowers. Today, our photos show stakes and supports. Tomorrow, the palm trees will sway with the breezes!





"St Croix is one of the most Caribbean places on earth! There is so much history. So much beauty. So much to enjoy!"

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